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Integrated QHSE Management System

Quality, health, safety and environment are the main four components of a responsible corporate management approach.
Al-Watania WPS approach is to apply the QHSE policy in its management system as we’re committed to pursue the highest standards of excellence in all of our business practices.

Al-Watania WPS Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) Management System defines the manner by which we carry out our own operations which  reflects understanding ,commitment and applying all ethical aspects in our business plans and processes complying to international standards and codes discussing the laws and regulations. We try to communicate the QHSE philosophy to all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated with our business in an auditable manner through training and handwork as it’s our track for success
We believe that implementing a QHSE policy will not only result in continuing improvement of our company but will also contribute to overall development of a more performance orientated culture by each one in the company

Our approach to QHSE philosophy:
– Ethical business processes and attitude is the key to  customer satisfaction.
– Healthy workplace and risk assessment to minimize hazards as much as possible.
– Training/consulting  our employers to take actions if it necessary reflecting to our policy (Q.H.S.E.)
– Continuous improvement.
– Creating a trusted atmosphere in which all Al-Watania WPS employees share this commitment.

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