About Us

AlWatania for Industrial & Petroleum Services (WPS) founded in 2010, based in Cairo, Egypt.

The firm serves a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Water Plants & Wastewater, Construction & Trading, among others.

WPS is authorized supplier and distributor of a wide range of product categories;

  1.  Valves: Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Ball and Check, Needle, Pressure relief Valves.
  2. Seamless & Welded Pipes.
  3. Flanges
  4. Pipes fittings: Buttweld and Forged fittings.
  5. Outlet Types: Weldolets, Sockolet, Thread let, Nipples, Coupling…etc.
  6. Gaskets: Spiral Would, Ring Joint, Washers…etc.
  7. Stud Bolts.
  8. Actuators, Pressure Gauges & Flowmeter.

As a result of WPS’s long experience in that firm, it is able to predict customers’ and market demands, so the goods are permanently in stock in warehouse, which covers an area of 3,000 square meters at 6th of October City.

The success of our company depends on the continuing development of services we offer, as well as the commitment to our customers. Besides buying products that meet the highest quality standards, our customers are also gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage, which is our free technical support service provides by a team of engineers and technicians

Why do our customers prefer to deal with us?

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