Naguib Al Rihani, Down Town Cairo, Egypt

Head Office:

Abu Rawash


Head Office: Showroom:


Quality Policy

We maintain and improve our reputation for high quality performance. We strive to be one of the leaders in our field in Egypt.
Furthermore promote all of the activities needed to enforce and improve the quality system, as it’s our tool to accomplish our quality policy.
We urge commitment and customer satisfaction principle by our own personnel at all levels, to identify precisely our client’s quality requirements and to ensure that the delivered services meet all those requirements.
We measure the improvements in quality as it moves toward our target.
We re-evaluate periodically the quality policy and the effectiveness of the quality system in place, to ensure it is always adequate and effective.
Our employees share in establishing and reviewing quality objectives and targets that are consistent with this quality policy.

Safety Policy

We commit to achieving excellence in all aspects of health, safety and environmental management. Our commitment to preserving and promoting the wellbeing of the customers we serve, their environment, communities and all people associated with our projects is absolute and uncompromising. We hold that ALL injuries, incidents, and accidents are preventable. By continuous improvement, open discussion, and leadership we will implement all standards, procedures and practices necessary to protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and the general public. We will safeguard the environment in which we operate through an actively managed sustainable development strategy to mitigate potential effects of our work on natural resources and habitats in local communities whilst enhancing social and economic infrastructure.

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